Our Corporate and Commercial Practice is always evolving. Our diverse clientele and endless interactions with stakeholders in the corporate field has enabled us to keep abreast with emerging trends.

We are therefore able to coordinate complex transactions, deal with regulatory requirements, advise on tax matters, manage due diligence investigations and prepare all required documentation. Corporate and commercial team work seamlessly with other practice areas in the firm so as to deliver all-inclusive advice to our clients.

Our Services include;

  • Corporate Advisory

When the 'new' Companies Act, 2012 came into force, it marked the beginning of a significant era for corporate law in Uganda. Although much of the old law was retained, many significant new concepts and changes were introduced. Signum Advocates is well positioned to help your company ensure compliance with the legislation. We also offer training tailored to your business needs to help you meet your obligations. We provide a full corporate governance and regulation service within the Corporate and Commercial practice, which has local and global corporate governance expertise.

The firm advises boards, directors, shareholders and in-house legal counsel on a wide range of company law matters. These include prudential reporting requirements, caps and obligations, directors’ liabilities and responsibilities, commercial contracts, shareholder rights, company administration and bespoke trainings.

We close deals effectively by providing exceptional legal advice, managing risk, ensuring you meet regulatory compliance and working at every aspect of the transaction to ensure that it works from a legal and commercial perspective.

We perform various modes of legal audits and due diligences on the operations of corporate institutions and other specialized mandates to enable corporations identify and manage their legal risks.

  • Business Management (Corporate Governance)

We render advisory to Company directors, shareholders and in-house legal counsel on a range of company law and corporate governance matters.

The Firm’s continuous engagements with both local and international corporations in various sectors has allowed us to have a wide perspective and understanding of business aspects and operations both in Uganda and the world over.

These include share capital, equity and debt capital, shareholder rights, board trainings for the board of directors, directors’ liabilities and responsibilities.

  • Company Secretary

The personal touch we add to the interactions we have with our Corporate Clients enables us to go the extra mile in terms of the company secretarial services we provide.

We believe that work as sensitive as the day to day management of a company should be entrusted with persons that possess the required expertise to efficiently execute the task. Our unrivalled experience and expertise in this field has seen us execute the role of Company Secretary of many Companies, both local and international. Currently we act as company secretary to several companies including, Med-optics, Prudential Insurance Company, Cadam Enterprises and Kehong Uganda Industrial Development Limited, Mofunds Limited, Hema Beverages Limited among others.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As)

We possess a market-leading deal specialism in corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Our M&A practice is complemented by company law, corporate finance, capital markets, tax, real estate and employment and pensions.

We have so far carried out advisory on tax implications on the merger of two entities. Our keen eye for business strategies enables us give our Clientele the best hands on approach to any mergers.

  • Corporate Finance

Our cor­po­rate team fo­cus­es on the cap­i­tal struc­ture and fi­nanc­ing of com­pa­nies, in­clud­ing how they are fi­nanced and po­si­tioned to fund their growth. Once the prop­er cap­i­tal struc­ture of the cor­po­rate client is de­ter­mined, we drive the pro­cess of im­ple­ment­ing the ne­ces­sary change. We take a holistic view of each corporate group or business to set up the best financial structure for their needs.

  • Business Registration

We aid in the incorporation and registration of various entities such as companies, joint ventures, and Partnerships. The well-coordinated Corporate & Commercial team has given unmatched advice to clients on legal options of doing business in Uganda, the tax implications, setting up of a company and related labor law/ employment laws.

They diligently follow up on a business formation from its nascent stages up until a business is fully existent.

We also help Clients acquire trade licenses, investment licenses, tax registration and comply with other industry-specific regulatory requirements. Certain businesses will require extra licenses and registration requirements, depending on their exact nature. The Corporate and Commercial team at Signum Advocates can determine if your business needs other licenses and guide you through the entire process.

With our experience in business registration services in Uganda, we can help companies submit their documents and receive a fast turnaround on processing. We achieve this by working swiftly and systematically in our document preparation, evaluation, compilation and filing procedures and utilizing our business networks that we have developed overtime.

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