Debt Recovery, Restructuring & Insolvency


Signum Advocates pro­vides le­gal ser­vices in a va­ri­e­ty of con­ten­tious in­sol­ven­cy mat­ters in­clud­ing as­sis­tance to those clients fac­ing liqui­da­tions and bankrupt­cy pro­ceed­ings.  Our lawyers rep­re­sent bor­row­ers, buy­ers, cred­i­tors and banks. They ad­vise clients on a range of cor­po­rate re­struc­tur­ing and re­or­gani­za­tion strate­gies. We also facilitated amicable settlements between debtors and collection agencies or the original debt holder whenever possible.

Our offering covers debt restructuring and rescheduling, investigation, asset-tracing and recoveries and insolvency litigation. We advise our clients as and their directors/officers on range of insolvency and recovery options under the Insolvency Act 2011 and the Mortgage Act 2009. With the coming into force of the Insolvency Act 2011, our practice offers lender institutions additional recovery options that provide a significant competitive edge.

We are also experienced in debt to equity swaps, receivership, administration, formal restructuring and informal workouts. During these complicated matters, we evaluate the situation holistically, including any tax, employment and corporate issues to ensure our clients are left in the best position possible. Our team can also act as re­ceivers and ad­vis­ers or trus­tee cus­to­dians in civ­il and crim­i­nal seizure pro­ceed­ings.

Our recoveries and insolvency practice offers a wide range of services including but not limited to:

  1. Secured and non-secured loans collections
  2. loan restructuring and rescheduling
  3. debt recovery litigation in the Magistrates Court and High Court
  4. receiverships and corporate insolvency
  5. foreclosures
  6. investigations and asset-tracing
  7. general debt recovery consultancy

Our approach

We ensure that our clients remain in good business relationship with their clients. We ensure to recover debt cost effectively and to limit exposure to residual litigation. We will only apply court recovery mechanisms where we are advised by the Client that the relationship is irretrievably broken and other alternative means have failed. We draw on our loans recovery experience to collect any kind of debt.

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