Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution


Our dispute resolution practice has represented clients in virtually every type of business and commercial dispute. Our practice is built on the experience and skill of our trial lawyers. We advise corporate clients on how to identify and manage business risk, and pride ourselves on our solution and commercial driven approach. Commercial disputes are at the heart of our firm and our team is extremely versatile – whether operating in the courts, before arbitral tribunals or any other specialist tribunal or regulator, we have the right capability to assist you.

Our Litigation team has demonstrable experience in handling disputes in the East African Court of Justice, Common Market for Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (COMESA) Court, the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Constitutional Court, High Court, Industrial Court and in other regulatory and quasi-judicial bodies.

Our lawyers take pride in their ability to move quickly and mobilize a team at a moment’s notice to handle emergency litigation, whether it be a preliminary injunction, stay of execution or an emergency hearing. Our trial lawyers have extensive experience in trial and appellate courts across the country.

Our Offerings;

a) Commercial and Civil Litigation:

Commercial disputes often involve reputational risk to our clients. In those cases, clients often seek aggressive, trial-ready advocates who will demonstrate both the client’s legal resolve and also its readiness to pursue its legal remedies through a trial. Our team has represented clients in commercial disputes both at trial and appellate levels for clients in different sectors including banking, insurance, manufacturing, insurance, mining, petroleum, agriculture, transport among others

b) International and Domestic Arbitration:

Our lawyers have extensive arbitration experience and have, over the years, been involved in a number of domestic and international arbitrations under the LCIA, UNCITRAL and CADER arbitration frameworks. We also support clients in their litigation and dispute resolution needs, from major investigations to reputational risk management issues.

Signum Advocates works hand-in-hand with its clients, allowing them to play as significant a role in the resolution of their dispute as they desire. It also frequently collaborates with co-counsel who have less prior experience in the intricacies of arbitration practice, but are looking for a firm that rigorously respects the boundaries of pre-existing client relationships.

c) Mediation and Advanced Negotiation:

Our team is alive to the overarching need to amicably settle disputes in a timely and cost effective manner. To this end, our lawyers have, over time, honed their negotiation skills with the sole aim of delivering our clients commercially viable solutions to their disputes without necessarily having to litigate.

d) Criminal Litigation:

Our criminal practice goes beyond defending clients charged with offences in courts. Our seasoned lawyers also offer services such as watching briefs and Governance, Corruption and forensic Investigations 

Our philosophy:

We recognize that many disputes may involve lower stakes, or require the balancing of potential financial exposure against other meaningful business interests. We know that litigation efficiency may be a key definition of success for our clients, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that the services provided match the level needed in any particular case.

Our Approach:

From the moment we are retained, we work with our clients to immediately identify the strengths and weaknesses of the case. Together, we prepare a trial strategy and develop the case with that strategy in mind. Whilst we look for creative ways to resolve the dispute at the earliest opportunity, we are always preparing to try the case. Just as important, our superior analytic and writing skills have spared our clients the risks and costs of trial by winning motions to dismiss or summary judgment.

Cost conscious and efficient:

Our dispute resolution team is responsive, easy to work with and cost conscious; we manage disputes so that there are no surprises. We offer transparent and innovative proposals on fees and employ project management skills and training to resource and manage all disputes efficiently.

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