Our Billing System

Our fees and billing system is transparently regulated by the Advocates (Remuneration and Taxation of Costs) Rules of 267-4. We are always open (where permissible by the said rules) to negotiate and agree with the client on the formulation of a fees structure.

It is customary for different fee arrangements to be agreed upon. For example, it is sometimes appropriate to have a block task fee for a large project. We encourage discussion of alternative fee arrangements before commencing any work. The common billing methods applied by the firm are:

  •  Time billing basis;
  •  Monthly retainers;
  •  Annual retainers; and or
  •  Billing on a case by case basis.

Time billing basis - Our fees are ordinarily based on the time spent, valued at the standard rates of the professionals doing your work. These standard rates vary and reflect the expertise and experience of the professional providing the services. This is governed by the Legal Professional and regulatory guidelines.

Annual and Monthly retainer A client could also opt to retain the firm on a monthly basis. The annual retainer is mutually agreed upon depending on the anticipated scope of work.

The retainer however does not cover disbursements reasonably incurred in discharging your instructions and these include stamp duty, any licence fees that may be levied by the government or Revenue authority, documentation, travel within and outside Kampala, photocopying, printing and communication expenses. It also does not include litigation or any form of representation before a Court of Law or arbitration tribunal or any complex matter. These services are specifically charged on a task by task basis as when the situation arises.

Billing on case by case basis. We negotiate and agree upon a sliding scale of the percentages of the value of the subject matter of the transaction. As the value of the subject matter increases invariably the percentage decreases. Our firm's scale ranges from 0.1% - 15% of the value of the subject matter but do take all factors into consideration. In cases where the value cannot be ascertained a fee is negotiated between the firm and the client.


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