Electioneering and Extremism in the Digital Age

The current political environment pre-election, has seen some candidates make sweeping statements that might be construed as hate speech.

In the just concluded 2nd presidential debate, candidates like Maureen Kyalya based some of their political arguments on falsehoods. Maureen Kyalya opined that under current Ugandan law, Foreignerscan own land in contrast to what happens in the UK, and further that this will change in her regime.

The Intellectual Property Situation In Uganda

The people of Uganda are yet to harness the true potential of Intellectual property(IP). How could they when only just a handful of the population know what a Copyright, Trademark or Patent is.

In the last 20 years, we have seen exponential growth in the sectors of business and technology. Yet somehow, this growth has not extended to the field of intellectual property. Uganda is still one of the lowest ranked countries in Africa in intellectual property applications.

Should websites and social media pages be liable for users’ comments

In the past few years, we have witnessed a colossal growth in the use of Social Media, mainly thanks to websites like Facebook and Twitter. Almost all Internet users now interrelate with Social Media in some way. Some of us contribute new content while others prefer to simply browse it and occasionally post comments, reviews or bookmark their favorite content for later. Whatever the case, Social Media has had a huge impact on the way we use the Internet to socialize, educate ourselves, do business, and so much more.