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Our Practice is divided into these service areas


The entertainment industry is one of the highest income earners in Uganda. It is also the most prone to exploitation. We have the capacity to act for media and entertainment businesses, artists, promoters and events organizers. This involves providing a full range of services in the entertainment business, including advising on the creation and exploitation of music, television, film and online content. We also have in place a reputation management practice, which uses a wide range of legal tools to protect our clients when reputations are threatened.

The digital age has had a dramatic impact on both rights exploitation and rights protection in the media and entertainment industries. National boundaries no longer have the importance they once had and content deals and rights infringement have to be considered in a global context. Our global expertise enables us to advise on the biggest and high profile multi-jurisdictional transactions.

The team can also help to protect and enforce rights once deals are done, ensuring that revenue ends up where the parties intended. This is helpful in areas like enforcing music royalties among others.
If your rights are infringed or you are on the receiving end of a claim, we are experts in devising effective strategies to resolve disputes.

We know that good reputations take time and investment to acquire but can be lost in an instant. We understand how to intervene to prevent publication of damaging material. Alternatively, we advise on how to respond to the publication of offending material.